Published on: 14 September 2017

As we enter the final week of term, I would like to focus on and acknowledge a key element of our school leadership program. Next week, for three days, all Year 11 boys will engage in the 2017 Year 11 Leadership program. I would like to share a wonderful quote from Cummins & Lambert 2010 that captures the underpinning philosophy of the program.

“The most effective leaders are servant leaders. This means that in your leadership of others, you actively assume responsibility for serving others in order to achieve the mission of the team. We encourage you to embrace the highest standards of loyalty, service and integrity and to act in a manner that is consistent with the tradition and ethos of the School.”

This year the School is pleased to again welcome Dr Arne Rubinstein, author of The Making of Men as the program’s keynote presenter. Since leaving his GP practice, Dr Rubinstein has worked full-time on finding ways to improve the wellbeing of teenage boys and girls. All Year 11 boys will actively engage with Dr Rubinstein during the program and I look forward to hearing his message. I encourage all parents to attend his talk next Monday 18 September commencing at 7.30pm in the Chapel. Bookings to attend can be made here.

In conclusion, I wish to thank the school community for its support in facilitating a huge range of exciting and diverse school activities this term, and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday in the weeks ahead.

Roger Bayly
Deputy Principal
Head of Senior School