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Gifts in will (bequests)

We are all part of the Christ Church Grammar School community and the impact it has on our lives and our boys is immense. The School we see and experience today has been forged over the years through the vision of our founders and the generosity of past students, parents and friends of Christ Church

Leaving a gift to the School in your will (a bequest) is your opportunity to shape the education of future generations, helping provide first-class resources for teaching and learning, and making a Christ Church education available to deserving young men.

A bequest is a gift specified within your will which ensures a lasting gift to something you care about. By making a bequest to Christ Church Grammar School you can retain the use and enjoyment of your assets during your lifetime and still provide a valuable gift to the School in the future. We are grateful for gifts of all sizes. It is hoped those who choose to remember Christ Church in their will become members of our Mitre Society.

We invite you to speak to our Director of Philanthropy, Carolyn Turner on +618 9442 1542 or cturner@ccgs.wa.edu.au, about your personal passions within the School environment and how they might be reflected in a bequest. A gift in your will can be a way of saying thank you, honouring a loved one, giving back or supporting a student in perpetuity. All discussions are in the strictest of confidence and without obligation.

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How to leave a gift in your will
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Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your will to Christ Church. You will be helping us to fulfil our vision of building good men.