Regional Residential (boarding)

Regional Residential (boarding) scholarships are awarded for all-round achievement and are valued at up to 50 per cent of the tuition fee. The scholarships are open to boys entering the Senior School as boarders in Year 7. Applicants should come from a rural background with a residential address in regional Western Australia.

The award of a scholarship is based on all-round ability, however, in order to assist us too understand each boy’s academic level, applicants are required to sit a scholarship examination either at the School or, if they live too far from Christ Church, at their current school (conditions apply).

Please note, if your son is sitting the scholarship exam at a venue other than the School, it is vital that applications are received by 7 March.

The award of a scholarship is tenable for Years 7 to 10 in the first instance and for Years 11 to 12 subject to continuing satisfactory reports to the Principal on the student’s work and contribution to Christ Church.