Academic enrichment

One of Christ Church’s greatest strengths is its diversity. As an academically inclusive school, we accept boys with a wide range of abilities – from those who are academically gifted through to students with learning challenges.

Christ Church has an outstanding reputation for inspiring excellence in boys and in every aspect of our programs. Across all year groups, students are encouraged to challenge themselves on the way to reaching their potential both inside and outside the classroom. Programs are designed to foster an environment that is challenging, stimulating and positive and where boys can be a catalyst for each other’s enrichment. The culmination of the academic journey at Christ Church is reflected in the outstanding results of our graduating classes from year to year. In 2011, Christ Church set a new State record for the most General Exhibitions won by any school. Christ Church was awarded 10 of the 42 General Exhibition awarded along with 15 Certificates of Distinction and 23 Certificates of Excellence.

Preparatory School enrichment

Enrichment programs, conducted by teachers expert in educating gifted and talented preparatory students, include:

  1. Mathematics (Years 1 to 6)
  2. Philosophy and Literacy Enrichment (Pre-Primary to Year 4)
  3. Information Technology and Lego Robotics (Year 4)
  4. Literacy and Future Problem Solving (Years 5 and 6)

Senior School enrichment

Following the settling in and gradual assessment of Year 7 students, the majority of students are placed in classes of mixed ability where teachers provide differentiated teaching and learning activities within those classes. This caters for all boys’ needs, however, in Years 8, 9 and 10 the strongest students in Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities, are identified and placed into the same class. The aim of these classes is to provide a course that matches the students’ abilities. These students work through the core content faster and in greater depth, allowing them time for more challenging content that extends them beyond the normal curriculum.

In Years 11 and 12, where students select courses to match their level of ability, there are options for the most talented boys to take part in Olympiad training programs in mathematics, the sciences and humanities, along with other extension programs such as the UWA SmARTS initiative and Philosothons.

Study Lab

Free tuition is offered after school in the Senior School library from Monday to Thursday between 3.15pm and 4.45pm. Study Lab is staffed by teachers and former students and is a great way of gaining assistance and expertise for any academic problem a student might be experiencing.

Enigma Program

Enigma is an after-school enrichment program which provides additional learning experiences for our most able Years 7 to 9 students. The year-long program runs from 3.15pm to 4:30pm on Thursday afternoons. It is designed for students who might benefit from further challenges in addition to those offered in mainstream and extension classes.

Competitions and challenges

At Christ Church, the community spirit of competition is collaborative and supportive – the boys compete with each other and for each other. Over the year, our teachers use a vast range of State and national competitions as learning opportunities, which include the following:

UWA SmARTS program

National History Competition
International Geography Olympiad
Australian Geography Competition
State Philosothon Competition
United Nations Hammarskjold Trophy Competition
ASX Share Market Game
CBA Financial Literacy Assessment
CBA Plan Your Own Enterprise
UNSW Economics Test
BEWA Accounting Test

Alliance Française Examinations
Language Perfect

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads
MAWA Have Sum Fun
MAWA Have Sum Fun Online
Australian Mathematics Competition
Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad
Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad
International Mathematics Tournament of Towns (by invitation only)
AMOC Senior Mathematics Contest (by invitation only)
Australian Mathematical Olympiad (by invitation only)
Australian Informatics Competition
Australian Informatics Olympiad
Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (challenge and enrichment stages)

SCRAM (Schools Conflict Resolution and Mediation Competition)

Australian Music Examination Board examinations

National Science Competition
National Chemistry Competition (by invitation only)
Big Science Competition
Biology Olympiad
Chemistry Olympiad
Physics Olympiad