Interventions for specific needs

There are a small number of students who benefit from further interventions. To address the needs of these students an additional set of programs and interventions are available including:

Preparatory School

  • Mathematics classes are fully streamed (Years 3 to 6)
  • philosophy and literacy (Pre-Primary to Year 4)
  • robotics aimed at the more mathematically talented students (Year 4)
  • literacy extension (Years 5 and 6) through to Future Problem Solving (FPS) a national and international competition designed specifically for gifted and talented students
  • Invitation to co-curricular clubs such as the da Vinci (Years 5 and 6)

Senior School

  • participation in the Enigma Program, allowing students to collaborate on high-level open-ended projects and interact with like-minded peers in different year levels
  • enrolment in university courses, generally from Year 10 or when students show interest
  • participation in external competitions and programs
  • a differentiated learning program within extension classes
  • early enrolment in WACE courses
  • further interventions as required for individual students, including whole-grade acceleration and mentoring

The School has an impressive track record of supporting students of particularly high intellectual ability. This is evidenced by the:

  1. number of students who have qualified as members of an Australian Olympiad Team (16 since 1991)
  2. high number of General Exhibitions in Year 12 WACE examinations, an award only granted to the top 50 students across Western Australia.
Year General Exhibitions awarded to CCGS students
2011 10
2012 4
2013 7
2014 6
2015 3
2016 9
2017 6