Advanced and extension classes

The first goal for our most capable Senior School students is to ensure they experience a learning environment with appropriately challenging  content.

Unique to Christ Church is the principle that these programs are led by Departments, who have particularly relevant subject expertise and the ability to construct relevant and interesting programs.

In Year 7 in 2017, Mathematics will be streamed to included two advanced classes, in recognition of the differences in student ability which can be more pronounced in Mathematics.

In Years 8 to 10, extension classes are implemented in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. As the difference in student achievement grows over time, the need for additional extension becomes increasingly important and these classes provide that opportunity.

Extension classes are selected individually, allowing us to offer specific programs that meet each student’s individual strengths.

Extension classes follow a modified teaching, learning and assessment program. The focus of these classes is to use a combination of specific curriculum and teaching techniques allowing students to learn content several years higher in terms of difficulty, and more complex and abstract in nature. Two examples from previous years include:

  • Year 8 Mathematics extension, where students study the Mathematics behind computer encryption. While exposing them to algebra and principles, in levels ranging from Year 8 to some university concepts, the focus area allows students to explore the purpose and meaning of Mathematics and apply it in a real-world context. This content would not otherwise be covered in the Year 9 to 12 curriculum, and does not disrupt or risk repetition in their long-term learning program
  • Year 10 English extension, where students study dystopian fiction, a theme which is by nature more advanced than other principles. Students initially analyse a number of dystopian fictions in traditional essay format and later apply their skills to create a dystopian fiction using the techniques they have learned.

In both the above examples, and throughout our extension classes across all year groups, the purpose is to cover core content effectively, while extending higher order understandings through wide-ranging exploration of topics of interest. The aim is to increase rigour rather than pressure.