Professional learning for staff

Christ Church supports a large proportion of students of high potential and places great emphasis on leading them to success.

In 2015, a unique professional learning program was developed. Drawing on the principles of the Certificate of Gifted Education, the program provides teachers with the relevant theory and a clear structure appropriate for our most able students, as well as their pastoral care.

The program involves teachers studying a series of modules addressing:

  • the principles of gifted and talented education, our unique context and the needs of our students
  • the design and implementation of specific programs in a variety of settings; pedagogical principles; and assessment and reporting
  • pastoral care, exploring the social and emotional needs of gifted students, helping our tutors and Heads of House to support the boys in their care.

Ensuring Christ Church teachers are skilled to support the boys in their classes, ensures the delivery of a whole-of-school approach to the education of our students.