Targeted programs to develop talents

Christ Church Grammar School provides programs and opportunities on a range of different levels. Some programs follow an opt-in model and are accessible to most students in the School.

As programs become more advanced, access is often by invitation.

These programs target 20 to 40 students in each year level and have a variety of forms, including:

  • placement in advanced and extension classes
  • elective classes designed for our most talented students
  • open-invite activities such as the robotics challenge, debating, and informatics training
  • competition teams based on invitation, such as Creative Problem Solving, da Vinci Decathlon and World Scholar’s Cup
  • national and international tours for students with particular areas of aptitude or interest
  • Olympiads and competitions such as the Mathematics and Informatics Olympiads, Chemistry, Physics and Geography Olympiads
  • as part of our vertical tutor group system in the Senior School and vertical House Groups in the Preparatory School, pastoral care leaders use the ‘boys mentoring boys’ philosophy to connect younger learners with older peers to act as mentors
  • differentiated learning experiences in mainstream classes where no extension class is available. This is the case in most elective subjects, and is supported by a custom-developed professional learning program.

For the vast majority of our gifted and talented students, these interventions collectively ensure students achieve their potential with appropriately challenging learning opportunities.