Pastoral care

At Christ Church, students learn in a diverse and caring community supported by an exceptional pastoral care program, which is core to a boy’s positive experience at the School.

We believe that a boy will do well if he has a sense of belonging and can work and socialise in an environment in which he is recognised, appreciated, encouraged and challenged.

The School’s pastoral care program is proactive and is based on the principles that it engenders a sense of belonging and encourages collaborative effort. It is viewed as a partnership between home and school and works on the premise that everyone has a part to play in the pastoral care of each boy.

House system

Christ Church’s ‘vertical’ House system provides boys with role models and mentors and gives each boy a sense of belonging to something that has meaning, and the knowledge that his contribution will assist the collective group.

All boys, from Pre-Primary to Year 6, will join one of the four Preparatory School Houses. While he will contribute to his House in a number of ways each year, his classroom teacher will remain the most important person to him and his family’s main point of contact and source of information.

When a boy enters the Senior School, he is allocated to one of eight Houses and will remain in the same House until he graduates. Our large Senior School community is divided into eight smaller groups with boys from Years 7 to 12 in each House.

Each boy is assigned to a tutorial group and tutor, who will meet with him in the same room, every morning of every school day, and who is the first point of contact for him and his parents. Within his House and tutorial group, each boy will learn about the value of supportive relationships, teamwork and leadership.