Personal & Spiritual Development

The personal and spiritual development of boys is nurtured through a range of programs in the Preparatory School.

Social-emotional support programs, including PATHS (Pre-Primary to Year 4), Aussie Optimism (Years 5 and 6) and positive education teach boys how to regulate their emotional responses and develop a positive outlook. These approaches are proven to improve social competence, happiness and learning in children.

Religious Education and chapel services are based on Anglican and Christian traditions. The School’s chaplains teach Bible literacy, Christian values and knowledge and understanding of other major world religions. Virtues cards are awarded to boys found demonstrating any of the many virtues to others, throughout class and during break times.

The Health and Protective Behaviours curriculum teaches boys about personal health and safety issues. The main themes of the program are:

“We all have the right to feel safe at all times.”

“We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is.”

It includes teaching boys about understanding their rights and responsibilities, problem solving and practicing protective strategies.