Service & Leadership

At Christ Church, your son will develop a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to serving others that will guide him in life. 

Activities are designed to broaden their perspective of the world they live in, expose them to those more needy than themselves and provide opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. It involves each student demonstrating a willingness to give time and effort to benefit individuals or groups without expecting return or reward.

In the Preparatory School, boys provide service to the School, peers and teachers, assist others in need and develop an understanding that leadership requires service to others.

Service activities across all year levels include House duties as well as fundraising, resource collection and donating to others in need. Boys learn about making good choices and looking after others through the PATHS program in the lower year levels. From Years 3 to 6, boys can serve the School as monitors, provide leadership as Class Captains and in Year 6, have an opportunity to lead as House Captains.