Years 7 and 8 students have a choice of three languages including Japanese, French or Chinese (Mandarin).

Some students, who have a particular learning profile, will be offered the opportunity to consolidate their English literacy skills in Curriculum Support instead of studying a language.

Year 9 students are offered a range of elective subjects including:

  • The Arts – a range of Arts programs, including Visual Arts, Drama and Music, engage boys in creative learning experiences that develop and nuture a sense of self, imagination and expression.
  • Design and Technology – provides opportunities to explore and develop innovative, enterprising and creative talents by designing and constructing practical products with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Languages – French, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin), on offer from Year 7, with language instruction from native speakers. Some universities offer a bonus to students who learn a second language.
  • Philosophy – education in a way of thinking and use of logical argument to teach boys how to analyse, evaluate and advance arguments offered in response to life’s enduring questions.

Curriculum Support is offered to nominated boys.

Year 10 students will nominate to study two electives and take part in the outdoor education experience Venture.

With the exception of languages, elective subjects are not prerequisites for further study in that area.

For more detailed information about each subject and subject selection, please view the Academic Handbooks for Year 7, Year 8Year 9 and Year 10.