Scholars’ Recital 2020

Welcome to the Scholars’ Recital 2020 presented by the Christ Church Grammar School Music Department. We hope you enjoy these musical performances by our talented Senior School musicians.

Please scroll down for all the performances and click on the video or links below to view.

Scholars’ Recital – Part I

Daniel Zhou, Violin
Violin Concerto in e minor – Mendelssohn
Accompanied by Ms Martina Liegat

Jai Rodrigues, Classical Guitar
Omaggio a Tárrega No. 5 from
Nuevos estudios sencillos – Leo Brower


Scholars’ Recital – Part II

Zachary Cheng, Clarinet
Solo de concours – A. Messager
Accompanied by Ms Martina Liegat

Christian Wong, Viola
Song Without Words – Mendelssohn
Accompanied by Dr Martin Lamb


Scholars’ Recital – Part III

William Ji, Cello
Sinfonia Concertante in e minor – Prokofiev
Accompanied by Ms Martina Liegat

Aiden Tan, Guitar
Allegretto grazioso, No. 9 from 25 etudes
melodiques op 60
– Matteo Carcassi


Scholars’ Recital – Part IV

Joshua Chen, Piano
Rhapsody in b minor, Op. 79 No. 1 – Brahms

Aiden Tan, Guitar
Bolero – Julian Arcas


Scholars’ Recital – Part V

Jai Rodrigues, Electric Guitar
Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
Accompanied by Mr Joe Grech and
Cy Lendich

Benjamin Kao Cheng En, Piano
Elegie op 3 No. 1 – Rachmaninoff


Scholars’ Recital – Part VI

Christian Wong, Viola
Fantasia X TWV 40:23 – Telemann

William Wu, Piano
Polonaise in Ab Major Op.53 – Chopin