Years 11 to 12 – Excellence and expertise

Mastering skills for his future

In this phase, the boys take ownership of their selected subjects and study courses in considerable depth over a two-year period. The choice of university entrance in a particular discipline or pursuit of a work-based orientated course is left to the individual and his family.

These final years highlight the importance of staff and student relationships, which have been fostered over the years in the pastoral setting, through the collaborative nature of boys working together to achieve outstanding results, and in the leadership capabilities of our boys. The boys select the Prefects to lead the School and their Houses, and positions of leadership in all of the sporting codes have a whole of school focus.

There is also the opportunity to excel in a chosen field, be that a subject Olympiad, various national competitions, debating, performance in the major drama or musical production or any one of the many sporting codes. In all of these areas the School is constantly motivating the boys to create an atmosphere of excellence.

Students are given degrees of independence over these years, allowing them to pursue a direction and to forge a path to becoming fine young men.