Christ Church offers a variety of scholarships each year including academic, music, drama, boarding, general excellence, financial need, Old Boys’ Association and indigenous. To be eligible for a scholarship, all applicants must have Australian residency or citizenship. The scholarships provide a reduction on school fees to varying degrees. However, it is worth noting that school fees at Christ Church are inclusive and comprehensive and cover many aspects of a boy’s schooling including all fees associated with the academic, co‐curricular and pastoral programmes. They also cover textbooks and course materials; software and the provision of the latest ICT equipment; study skills support; camps and excursions; and school publications. Family access to the School’s gymnasium, swimming pool and library is also included. 

Year 7 scholarship exam

Boys sit for this exam when they are in Year 6 with the examination being held at Christ Church on the second Saturday in May. The timing of the examination and available scholarships will be advertised in the press, online via the School website and by email to all families with boys already registered to attend Christ Church. For administration purposes, all scholarship applicants must firstly apply for a Council Entrance scholarship as well as any other scholarship in which they are interested, for example, drama or music. The scholarship process is administered by a third party - Academic Assessment Services (AAS), based in Sydney. The single application fee of $100 covers the scholarship exam and all Christ Church sponsored scholarships.

Online scholarship applications

Scholarship applications open in mid-January and close at the end of April each year. Applications can only be submitted online via this page, which links directly to the Academic Assessment Services website at 

Applicant information

The online application involves a section to be completed by a boy’s parent or guardian and a section for students to complete. It takes up to 30 minutes or more to finish and can be revisited and amended once the application fee has been paid and password access is emailed to you. The student section is very important and should be completed as comprehensively as possible.

Scholarship examination

Boys selecting Christ Church as their first preference are required to sit the examination at Christ Church. The School hosts the examination, however, it is organised and supervised by Academic Assessment Services. If a student lives far enough away from Christ Church, either overseas, interstate or in regional Western Australia, then he may be able to sit the exam at his current school. If this is the case, contact AAS for instructions and advise your son’s current school as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made. Sufficient time has to be allowed for documentation to be returned to AAS in Sydney once the examination has concluded.