Parent and friends groups

There are a variety of parent and friends groups at Christ Church, supporting the students and families of our community. These include the Parents’ Association, Don Fraser Club Friends of Rowing, Friends of the Walters Residential Community, Friends of Drama, Friends of Music and Queenslea Club.

Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association was formed in May 1921 with the aim of supporting the greater school community while also providing an opportunity for parents to be more actively involved. Some 95 years on their aim is still the same, to foster and promote the welfare and progress of the School.

The Association runs an extensive program including Father/Friend and Mother/Friend and Son Breakfasts which supports the School and provides countless occasions for parents to form friendships, enjoy social events and help enhance the community spirit so special to Christ Church. The Association also manages the Families in Need Support group (FINS) and a ‘New to Perth’ group to assist families recently arriving in Perth.

Don Fraser Club Friends of Rowing

The Don Fraser Club was established in 1986 by a group of parents and old boys with the  purpose of supporting the sport of rowing at the School. The support has continued the great tradition, which was started by an informal network of old boys who first entered the PSA competition in 1957. The Don Fraser Club organises family BBQs, quiz nights, dinners and assists with the organisation of rowing regattas.

Friends of the Walters Residential Community

The Friends of the Walters Residential Community is a boarders’ support group that meets several times a year to explore ways in which parents can assist our boarders.

Friends of Music

The Music Department has a dynamic group of parents who provide invaluable support to the music program.

Friends of Drama

The Friends of Drama is the parent support group for the School’s drama productions..

Queenslea Club

Christ Church invites staff, past parents, friends of the School and former members of staff to join the Queenslea Club.

Westside Christ Church Aquatic Club

The Westside Christ Church Aquatic Swimming Club Inc was founded in 2009 and is run by the parents and coaches of swimmers at Christ Church Grammar School. The club is based at the School and offers membership to boys and girls interested in the competitive swimming arena. We have members ranging in age from 7 to 23 years and enable our swimmers to compete against other clubs and swimmers in WA and Nationally as an affiliated club of Swimming Australia and WA.