Don Fraser Club Friends of Rowing

An informal network of old boys has supported rowing at Christ Church since the School entered the PSA competition in 1957. In 1986, parents and old boys officially established the Don Fraser Club with the express purpose of continuing to support the sport at the School.

The name of the Club honours Don Fraser, who was the inaugural coach and a noted State and Australian oarsman. Don, who died in February 2006 at the age of 91, is credited with inventing, building, shaping and honing rowing at Christ Church in the years 1957-1974. At his funeral, attended by many members of the Christ Church community, First Eight rowers formed an honour guard in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the School.

Nick Sumich is a dedicated educator and passionate advocate for the sport of rowing. In 2024, he assumed the role of Teacher in Charge of Rowing at Christ Church, a position he embraces with pride and enthusiasm. Nick’s journey with rowing began during his high school years, where he actively participated in the PSA competition, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for the sport. Having rowed at a competitive level during his high school years, Nick’s love for rowing only deepened over time. His interest in coaching was sparked by the inspirational figures of Old Boys who had paved the way before him. Driven by a desire to share this passion with the next generation of athletes, Nick transitioned into coaching, aiming to instil the values and dedication that had been passed down to him. Beyond his commitment to coaching at the school level, Nick has also made significant contributions to rowing within the broader community. He has both rowed and coached at the club level, participating in state championships and demonstrating his skills and leadership. His dedication to the sport was further underscored by his three-year tenure as Vice-Captain at the West Australian Rowing Club, where he played a crucial role in guiding and supporting the club’s endeavours. In addition to his involvement in rowing, Nick is a Science and Physics teacher in the Senior School.

Club members assist Nick at regattas and organise the annual camp, the Head of the River Dinner and other activities.

Don Fraser Club Committee Members

President Symon Hoy
Vice President Colleen Cook
Secretary Tash Warner
Treasurer Brendon Parramore
Year 8 Co-ordinator Melinda Morris
Year 9 Co-ordinator Sean Terry
Year 10 Co-ordinator Nicki Parramore
Year 11 Co-ordinator Barnaby Edgerton-Warburton
Year 12 Co-ordinators Celia Patrick
Fran James
Jo Hatton


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