Centre for Excellence

The Centre for Excellence at Christ Church Grammar School is led by the Director of the Centre for Excellence, in close consultation with the Director of Studies in the Preparatory School. The Centre has designed a number of programs to motivate and encourage our most academically able students. These programs ensure the boys are appropriately challenged with every opportunity to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

The Centre for Excellence has four pillars, and its goals are to deliver a:

  • school-wide approach to giftedness and talent
  • custom-designed professional learning program for staff
  • series of targeted programs designed to develop student talents, in particular:
    • advanced and extension classes in Mathematics (Years 3 to 10) and English, Science and Humanities (Years 8 to 10)
    • the Enigma Program for students of particularly high cognitive ability
  • additional interventions for students with specific needs


Our Approach

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