Single-gender education

As a single-gender school, Christ Church Grammar School is able to select its staff, curriculum, learning spaces and pedagogy with the sole purpose of educating boys.

With a focus on single-gender education, we specifically design every aspect of our teaching and learning program to motivate boys, and create an environment where “boys can just be boys”. Our students learn in a non-competitive setting, and one where they are not confined to particular masculine character profiles imposed by society.

Girls mature at a faster rate than boys and it is during this critical period of development that we tailor our education for boys. We acknowledge that single-gender schools cannot be stand-alone institutions, and must provide opportunities for boys and girls to socialise and integrate.

Our students benefit from joining with girls from Methodist Ladies’ College and St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls to enjoy combined national and international tours, music and drama productions, shared classroom lessons and projects and joint community service opportunities.

‘Building good men’ is an educational philosophy and the cornerstone of our approach to academia, co-curricular activities and sport. Boys graduate from Christ Church Grammar School with strength of character, and a thorough understanding of what it means to be respectful, humble and compassionate men with integrity.