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School hours and term dates

Term dates

To view the 2017 term dates, click here.

To view the 2018 term dates, click here.

Preparatory School timetable

Students arrive 8.25am
Tutorial 8.30am – 8.50am
Period 1 8.55am – 9.45am
Period 2 9.50am – 10.40am
Recess   10.40am – 11.00am
Period 3 11.00am – 11.50am
Period 4 11.55am – 12.45pm
Lunch  12.45pm – 1.30pm
Period 5 1.35pm – 2.15pm
Period 6 2.20pm – 3.10pm

Prep School finish times for each year group
The Pre-Primary class program operates from 8.30am to 2.45pm and follows its own timetable. Year 1 classes finish at 2.50pm, Year 2 classes at 3.00pm and Years 3 to 6 classes at 3.10pm.

The Prep School holds a formal assembly in the Chapel on Friday mornings. It starts at 8.35am with parking available on the top Prep School Oval.

Senior School daily timetable

The timetable is run on a 10-day cycle, the sequence of which is available on every boy’s iPad.

Tutorial 8.30am – 8.50am
Period 1 8.55am – 9.45am
Period 2 9.50am – 10.40am
Recess 10.40am – 10.55am
Period 3 11.00am – 11.50am
Period 4 11.55am – 12.45pm
Lunch 12.45pm – 1.20pm
Period 5 1.25pm – 2.15pm
Period 6 2.20pm – 3.05pm

Apart from assembly days, the school day starts at 8.30am with a 20 minute House tutorial meeting. On Thursdays, the day starts at 8.30am with Chapel and the Principal’s Assembly. This is followed by tutorial, after which classes commence.

Thursday Assemblies
All Senior School boys are required to attend Chapel and the Principal’s Assembly, which is held from 8.25am on most Thursday mornings. Unless told otherwise, all boys are expected to wear formal uniform every Thursday for Terms 2, 3 and 4.

Study Lab

Free tuition is offered after school in the Senior School library from Monday to Thursday between 3.15pm and 4.45pm. Study Lab is staffed by teachers and former students and is a great way of gaining assistance and expertise for any academic problem a student might be experiencing.

Friday afternoons
Years 7, 8 and 9 boys are involved in Sport. Years 10 and 11 boys are involved in their selected activity. Some Year 12 boys will be involved in Cadets and other activities, but the majority of Year 12 boys are free to go home. On some days there are excursions, assessment tasks or lectures in academic subjects.