The foundations of Christ Church Grammar School

It was 1910 when a young and passionate rector of Christ Church realised his dream of offering an education for boys. The Perth suburb of Claremont was growing but it wasn’t the population growth alone that motivated Canon William McClemans. He saw the need for a different kind of school – a school that would cater for all boys and honour each individual boy.

Just 10 students formed the first cohort that year in the Preparatory School on a site at the corner of Queenslea Drive and Stirling Highway in Claremont.

The School’s motto ‘Deus Dux Doctrina Lux’ – ‘God is our leader, learning is our light’ – has guided boys and their teachers for more than a century as they strived to be prepared for a world that was changing faster than they could imagine.

Christ Church has changed in the past century. The School has grown to over 1,650 students who can commence in Pre-Kindergarten or another entry year and graduate in Year 12. As a non-selective school, the academic achievement is outstanding.

Regardless of his situation, a Christ Church boy is motivated to learn in an atmosphere of excellence and encouraged to recognise their individual gifts and talents.

We don’t know what Canon McClemans would think of Christ Church Grammar School today. There are parts that he would barely identify as education, but we know he would instantly recognise the care and special attention given to each boy – unique individuals growing into men, ready to go into the world and change their corner of it.