Sport & Outdoor Education


At Christ Church, sport is a core part of our school program where boys compete with and for each other. 

In the Preparatory School, the focus is on participation, competition and enjoyment. All boys participate in Physical Education as part of the academic program with an opportunity to take part in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics House carnivals.

In Years 4 to 6, boys participate in Thursday afternoon sport as part of the broader co-curricular program.

In Year 4, boys engage in a variety of sports including cricket, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and compete every term in an inter-school competition with Scotch College and Hale School.

In Years 5 and 6, boys can compete in weekly fixtures against other Junior Public Schools’ Sports Association (JPSSA) schools and train once a week before or after school.

The School also offers non-competitive sports including Parkpur, Diamond Fitness, Martial Arts and Total-sports.

Outdoor Education

Christ Church’s Outdoor Education program develops the character and skills of boys. Challenge, initiative, self-reliance, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, healthy risk-taking, communal living and environmental care are all promoted through annual Outdoor Education programs for boys from Years 4 to 10.

The program is aligned with the School’s ‘Phases of Learning,’ matching the age and stages of development with appropriate experiences to challenge the boys.

Year 4  

The Year 4 Kooringal experience is an introduction to the Outdoor Education program, where the boys are able to interact with their natural environment, with each other and begin a journey that will culminate in the Year 10 Venture. It is an opportunity to establish new friendships through team building in a fun and collaborative way.

Year 5 Earthkeepers

Boys begin their outdoor education journey in Year 5 at the School’s campus situated near Dwellingup. To ensure the boys are prepared and get the most out of the experience, the Outdoor Education program is based around the Earthkeepers project that begins in the classroom. Earthkeepers engages the boys’ ‘heads, hearts and hands’ in understanding the natural world. 

Year 6

This three-day Outdoor Education program, held at Kooringal, promotes the theme of cooperation and offers more adventurous opportunities for boys. Activities include canoeing and orienteering as well as other resourceful activities such as cooking, cleaning and building humpies.