Co-Curricular Clubs

An extensive range of co-curricular clubs are available to your son to further his interests and abilities beyond the classroom. 

These clubs focus on boys extending their personal interests while getting to know other students and staff. 

Some of these activities include: 

Chess Club where boys enjoy playing games of chess while having the opportunity to learn and practice new moves and tactics. 

Construction Club where students can engage their imagination to design models using various construction materials. 

Drawing Club which includes a variety of activities to assist boys with step-by-step instructions to create the creation of their dreams. 

Homework Club where boys are provided a quiet space to complete their homework tasks with the assistance of a supervising teacher. 

Wetland Warriors which provides boys opportunities to spend time at the Swan River and create presentations to promote awareness of the fragility of our wetland ecosystems using digital technologies. 

The School also engages a number of highly professional external educational providers to run activities such as Coding, Robotics and various sporting activities. 

  • Clubs are subject to availability