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International students

Christ Church boarders come from many countries and different cultures. The School appreciates and values the diversity that international students bring to our school community. Boys are required to live on the Claremont campus as part of the Walters Residential Community where the boys are fully supervised and provided with daily tutoring support and guidance. For more information see our boarding page. In order to gain the maximum benefit of an Australian education, we strongly recommend students enrol for Year 7 entry onwards and no later than Year 10. If possible, we encourage you to visit the School in person or a Skype interview can be arranged. Please view the School’s policy and compliance links (left) for international students before submitting an application. Click here for information on how to apply.

Local carer

All full fee overseas students need a Perth based adult relative or family friend over the age of 25 to act as a local carer. A boy’s local carer performs a vital role in acting in loco parentis as the main contact for the School in your absence. It is therefore very important for the nominated local carer to be proficient in English. If necessary, the local carer has to be able to meet the student on arrival from overseas and look after him until the boarding house opens on the evening before term commences. The local carer will also need to be prepared to accommodate the student in case of an illness that necessitates him temporarily living apart from the other boarders. The boarding houses are closed during mid term breaks and school holidays, therefore, unless a student travels home, he will need to stay with his nominated local carer at these times. Read here for more information.

Health cover

International students are required to have overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the length of their student visa. This can be arranged by the School on the student’s behalf. We also have a modern and well-staffed health centre located adjacent to the residential community. It caters for the primary health care and well-being of all boarding and day students. For more information visit our Health Centre page.

English proficiency

International students are required to have a satisfactory command of English in order to achieve maximum success in the Western Australian education system. This is principally because all instruction at Christ Church is delivered in English and as a boy progresses through the School, the course content becomes more complex and abstract. This is especially true in Years 11 and 12 where a strong background in the content and context of the English language is required. Offers are conditional on reaching the required standard prior to enrolment. Therefore, students must undertake an assessment test by an organisation such as Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS), as part of the application process. AEAS is an external testing organisation with offices available worldwide. Performance at a satisfactory standard on a standardised test of English as a Second Language will usually suffice.