An extensive range of activities are available to your son to further his interests and abilities beyond the classroom.

These co-curricular activities focus on stimulating young minds, developing problem-solving skills and fostering enterprise.

Some of these activities include:

Art Club which is designed to develop boys’ skills, build confidence and to encourage students to work both independently and collaboratively.

Book Club which includes a variety of activities such as a trip to the local bookshop to choose books for the library, attending festivals to meet authors and illustrators, reading down by the river and more.

Chess Club where boys enjoy playing games of chess while having the opportunity to learn and practice new moves and tactics.

Chinese board games where students explore a variety of popular games including Gomoko, Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers and Tangrams.

Spectacular Science where boys have the opportunity to learn, build, design and create using a variety of materials and equipment.

Sport Club which provides the opportunity for boys to hone their skills in a variety of sports.

The School also engages a number of highly professional external educational providers to run activities such as Yoga, Coding and Nature Play.