Teaching Methods

We understand that young boys need to be immersed in hands-on learning experiences which enable them to explore, question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate and discover new knowledge.

Learning in our Early Learning Community is collaborative, imaginative and creative.

Our balanced approach to teaching and learning in the ELC is designed to support the inquisitive learning style of boys:

  • Play-based pedagogy is used to engage, motivate and empower boys
  • Explicit and intentional teaching strategies are used to focus on developing strong and confident literacy, numeracy and investigation skills
  • A balance of child-led inquiry learning and curriculum document requirements is made by our expert teaching staff when developing programs for particular cohorts and individuals

A comprehensive learning profile is developed for all boys based on observation, assessment and specific screening. Targeted intervention or extension is provided to any boys with identified learning needs.

Every single boy is supported and challenged at their own level in a safe and nurturing environment.