Little Queenslea Drive – Year 4 Program

Little Queenslea Drive is a program for Year 4 boys that complements the Phases of Learning and provides boys with wonderful experiences to grow their participation, co-operation, collaboration, resilience and team membership.

As boys enter Years 3 and 4, they transition from play-based learning into a learning phase characterised by choices and more structure. This move requires the development of different skills, knowledge and behaviours as the boys start to think logically, make connections, consider things in more abstract terms and engage in activities for longer periods of time.

This overnight learning experience focuses largely on building relationships and skills including:


  • Logical thinking
  • Focus for longer periods of time
  • Belief in his abilities
  • Written numeric convention

Social and Emotional

  • Friendship with peers
  • Understand fairness and co-operation
  • Understanding of rules
  • Willingness to take responsibility


  • Strength
  • Hand dexterity
  • Motor skills
  • Love for physical activity


  • Develop self-regulation skills
  • Develop aural skills
  • Experience Music and Drama

For further information on the program, please contact Kim Morcom at or on 9442 1666.