LQD Program FAQs

Which teachers and adults will be staying with the boys in the dorms?

Classroom teachers and either Jay Pyefinch or Kim Morcom and any support staff for particular students (e.g. PMC boys) will be staying with the boys.

Are there adults in every dorm?

The set up of the accommodation is dormitory style with the staff bedroom in the middle of two rooms, each containing approximately 12 beds. Teachers will be monitoring the bedrooms until all boys are asleep and remain within 5 metres of each room all night. No staff member sleeps in the room with the boys and doors to the dormitories remain open all night.

Is the sleepover compulsory?

Any parent not wanting their son to sleep over is welcome to collect him at the end of the day and bring him back the next morning.

Who has access to the accomodation?

The boys will be sleeping in the accommodation specifically designed for our OQD program. The rooms within this accommodation are bedrooms, the teachers room, bathroom and laundry. No one else has access to this accommodation whilst LQD is being conducted.

Will there be supervision in the bathrooms during shower times etc?

Legally staff cannot go into a bathroom when a boy is showering. There are four showers, so four boys will be able to shower at the same time. If the boys are uncomfortable showering, they do not have to.

What happens if boys wake up during the night and are unable to return to sleep?

Our teachers are there to support all boys and should a boy wake up during the night, staff can speak with the boy and discuss what they need to help them return to sleep.

What if boys have an angry outburst after coming off medication?

We are always ready to manage boys who become angry/upset/physical/sad with care and compassion. Depending on the situation, we will use various strategies with the boys. This may involve providing a safe space for a boy (supervised) or distracting him with other activities, speaking calmy one on one etc.