Health & Wellbeing

At Christ Church, students learn in a diverse and caring community supported by an exceptional pastoral care program, which is core to a boy’s positive experience at the School.

We believe that a boy will do well if he has a sense of belonging and can work and socialise in an environment where he is recognised, appreciated, encouraged and challenged.

House system

All boys will join one of the four Preparatory School Houses. These vertical House groups consist of boys from Pre-Primary to Year 6, which creates a special pastoral care opportunity to build relationships with other staff and boys across other year groups.

The Wynne Centre for Health and Wellbeing

The Wynne Centre for Health and Wellbeing is focused on influencing and inspiring a new generation of boys to make informed decisions regarding holistic good health and wellbeing.

The Centre seeks to introduce students at Christ Church to information and a life that includes a proactive and preventative approach to good health, holistic wellbeing, joy, and fulfilment.

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Psychology and counselling team

Christ Church also provides a variety of services for students to maximise their educational opportunities and outcomes. The psychologists work closely with boys and provide appropriate interventions and strategies to best support them.