The Arts

The Arts

At Christ Church, each boy’s creativity is respected and valued through an extensive Arts program. Boys engage in creative learning experiences that develop their sense of self and provide a powerful means of nurturing each boy’s imagination and individual expression.


The Drama program focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication, improvisation skills, as well as group-devised and scripted drama for stage and television. Students are encouraged to take part in at least one public performance each year in either production or acting roles.

Our renowned The Midnite Youth Theatre Company, based on campus, has contributed to youth arts in Western Australia for more than 25 years. The company presents an exciting production season each year featuring casts of Christ Church boys and students from other schools. Visiting directors, overseas tours, festival performances and unconventional venues have contributed to some of the company’s award-winning plays.


Music is integral to the artistic fabric of Christ Church Grammar School, and boys of any skill level and ambition are encouraged to join the program. The Music program incorporates the practical and theoretical aspects of music, encouraging students to strive for excellence. A large number of peripatetic staff allow students to receive tuition on any classical, jazz or contemporary instrument, and this is supported by a vast array of ensembles and co-curricular opportunities throughout the year.

In Years 7 and 8 students choose between Music Extension (for fluent readers of music and those learning an instrument) or Music General for semester study. Both courses involve the study of music theory, aural, history, composition and performance/practical, including original compositions utilising MixCraft and Sibelius, practical studies on ukulele, keyboard and/or the students’ specialist instrument(s), genre/style historical research and theory and aural workbooks. Music Extension students are members of the CCGS Senior Choir in Terms 1 and 4, in addition to any Christ Church student who wishes to join.

In Years 9 and 10, Music Extension is a full year of study (in Year 9 Music General is a semester elective) with more refined and intensive work in theory, aural, history, composition and practical. Broadening units in these years include live-recording theory and application, conducting technique/workshops and composing/arranging for Christ Church ensembles/performances. Students in these years are more prominent in leadership positions within ensembles and are invited to perform at Chapel in either a solo or group context.

In Years 11 and 12 students study the ATAR Music course, which involves 50% practical and 50% written aspects. Practical instrumental studies are allowed in any Classical, Contemporary, Jazz or Music Theatre genre. These studies culminate in a 20-minute recital at the end of Year 12 as well as an invitation to perform in either a concerto movement or other piece with orchestral/band/choir backing in the annual Soli Concert. The written component involves aural, theory and music history (including societal context) work.

Visual Arts (Art, Design and Media)

The Visual Arts program at Christ Church provides boys with the foundation to creative breadth and depth as they progress through their time at school. A contemporary framework supports their learning with ideas and concepts central to the core of their art practice, while drawing on and reflecting the traditional genres, mediums, art forms, and historical and cultural contexts.

In Years 7 and 8, the boys are engaged in a broad taster course which allows them to build their skills of visual inquiry, constructive criticism and art making experiments, skills and techniques in both two dimensional and three dimensional art forms.

In Years 9 and 10, the breadth of skills across additional art forms are available to strengthen their foundation in both digital media and fine art. These platforms provide them with the opportunities to explore ideas and mediums through open-ended project based inquiry and production making, which serves them well when considering a future creative pathway.

In Years 11 and 12, the department provides both ATAR and non-ATAR courses to be explored and used for entry into tertiary institutions. Design, Visual Arts and Media Production and Analysis ATAR courses can be taken for university entry, and the Visual Arts General and Design General courses allow boys to meet the other sector opportunities. Boys can take one, all, or a combination of these studies in their final years at school.