Health & Wellbeing

Christ Church Grammar School aims to develop the ‘whole’ boy. In addition to academic achievement, the School promotes wellbeing and inspires boys to make informed decisions regarding their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Pastoral care

Christ Church students are supported by an exceptional pastoral care program, core to a boy’s positive experience at the School.

The School’s pastoral care program is proactive and based on the principles that engender a sense of belonging and encourages collaborative effort. It is viewed as a partnership between home and school and works on the premise that everyone has a part to play in the pastoral care of each boy.

When a boy enters the Senior School, he is allocated to one of eight Houses and will remain in this House until he graduates. This ‘vertical’ House system is made up of tutorial groups comprising of students from Years 7 to 12. This mix of students provides role models and mentors for the boys and provides each boy with a real sense of belonging. Within his House and tutorial group, each boy will learn about the value of supportive relationships, teamwork and leadership.

Leadership is fundamental to the Peer Support program which allows our Year 11 students to actively engage in a number of activities with Year 7 students. All students are provided with leadership training throughout Year 10, developing their skills in the areas of communication, care, compassion, responsibility, integrity, and then given the opportunity to become a Peer Support leader in Year 11. These experiences are further developed with a number of leadership roles such as House and School prefects being offered in Year 12.

The Wynne Centre for Health and Wellbeing focuses on influencing and inspiring a new generation of boys to make informed decisions regarding holistic good health and wellbeing.

Students are taught strategies to develop healthy ways of living. These include forming close bonds with peers and mentors, incorporating physical activity into their busy lives and considering mindfulness and other stress management techniques to deal with the demands of life.

The boys’ knowledge and skills will continue to be developed through the Personal and Spiritual Development (PSD) program. Religious education is also an important aspect of the PSD program, with students introduced to the main features of different world religions and the opportunity to examine their personal values and also the School’s.

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