Guiding Statements

Christ Church Grammar School’s Guiding Statements affirm who we are and what we stand for, and form the foundation for our Strategic Plan. The Guiding Statements are reviewed annually by the School Executive and School Council. The Guiding Statements remain central to everything we do and stand for at Christ Church.

Read Christ Church Grammar School’s Guiding Statements here.

Our vision

A school renowned for building good men to make a positive difference in their world.

Our mission

Boys educated to know, to do, to live with others and to be.*

Our mission underpins all that we do at Christ Church Grammar School. It encapsulates the energy, diversity and rigour of the School’s programs while highlighting the importance of community and the spiritual side of humanity.

*Adapted from the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-First Century, UNESCO, 1996

Our values

Our four core values underpin everything we do as a community. They are the foundation of our decision making, actions and behaviours:

  1. Respect – for self, others and everything around us
  2. Integrity – having strong ethics and a true moral compass
  3. Excellence – a commitment to being the very best one can be in all arenas
  4. Care and Compassion – kindness and respect for self and others

Our motto

Deus Dux Doctrina Lux
God is our leader, learning is our light)

Anglican Ethos Statement

You can learn more about the School by viewing the Anglican Ethos Statement.