The Arts

We value the importance of the Arts learning areas in the intellectual and emotional development of our boys.


An introduction to visual arts in the early years supports learning across the curriculum. Our Art programs identify ways in which your son can develop his ability to respond to and understand the world, to think, to feel, to shape and communicate ideas.

Visual Arts involvement extends beyond scheduled lesson time, in the form of workshops, visits to galleries, collaborative projects with the Senior School, the Week of the Arts, annual student exhibitions and a comprehensive artist-in-residence program.


The Music program includes a wide range of activities such as singing, dancing, composing, playing percussion instruments, music theory and music technology activities. The purpose of the Music program is to educate boys in the fundamentals of Music and prepare them for participation in ensembles and future studies in Music.

There are a number of ensembles the students can participate in. These include:

Year 2/3 Choir
Tuesday afternoon (3.10pm to 3.45pm) in the Fishbowl
The introductory choir where boys learn the basics of being part of a choir while learning a range of enjoyable songs.

Preparatory School Choir
Tuesday morning (7.15am to 8.15am) in the Choir Room
The boys enjoy learning a wide range of songs and perform several times throughout the year.

Tuesday morning (7.15am to 8.15am) and Thursday morning in the Choir Room
The Yahoos Choir is the only auditioned choir and hold numerous performances throughout the year.

Concert Band
Wednesday morning (7.15am to 8.15am) in the Fishbowl
The Concert Band is for boys who play woodwind and brass instruments, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drum kit and percussion (by invitation).

Recorder Club
Tuesday lunchtime in the Fishbowl
This ensemble is for boys who are interested in becoming more proficient recorder players and perhaps considering progressing to other wind instruments.

String Orchestra
Morning morning (7.15am to 8.15am) in the Fishbowl
String Orchestra is for boys who play violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, harp, and perform at assembly and the Week of the Arts Music Concert.

Classical Guitar Ensemble
Friday morning (7.15am to 8.15am) in the Fishbowl
The Classical Guitar Ensemble plays a wide range of music and performs at assemblies throughout the year as well as the Week of the Arts Music Concert.

Percussion Ensemble
Monday lunchtime in the Fishbowl
Percussion Ensemble is an activity for boys who learn percussion as an instrument and is an opportunity to compose own pieces and play music from around the world.

Prep Rock Workshop
Friday afternoon (3.20pm to 5.00pm) in the Chapel Undercroft
This is for boys who play rock band instruments such as electric guitar, electric bass, drum kit and electric keyboard.

Piano Duet Club
Friday lunchtime in the Fishbowl
This club provides pianists with the opportunity to play a variety of repertoire ranging from classics to contemporary and develop valuable ensemble experience.

Music Theory Club
Wednesday lunchtime in the Fishbowl
This club is for boys seeking extra teaching assistance, a supportive environment in which to complete their theory homework, and like to play musical theory games.

Composers’ Club
Monday lunchtime in the Fishbowl
This is a creative and technology-based activity for boys who can read music and are interested in composing their own music.

Please contact Eboney Yapp, Preparatory School Music Coordinator at to enrol your child or for further questions.