Executive and School Chaplain

The School Executive is responsible for Policy development for Council consideration, overall planning and direction, and the management of the School in all its key areas of operation.

Alan Jones


Alan Jones commenced as the first Principal of Christ Church Grammar School in 2016. Prior to this he held executive roles at The Hutchins School in Hobart, Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Haileybury and Huntingtower School all located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Alan is responsible for shaping a vision of academic success for all students and creating a culture and climate that facilitates education resulting in the building of good men. He works closely with the entire team at the School to cultivate and improve leadership, overall guiding the School to better teaching and learning with the goal of preparing the boys for their roles in a globally connected world.

In 2016 Alan successfully initiated the School’s membership with the Council of International Schools (CIS), a global organisation committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens and with a commitment to high quality international education. Christ Church is the first School in Western Australia to receive this membership.

Roger Bayly

Deputy Principal
Head of Senior School

The Deputy Principal’s chief responsibility is the day-to-day management of the Senior School and pastoral care through the House system. Roger’s primary concern is developing a sense of belonging, self worth, co-operation and community for the boys of Christ Church. Roger commenced at Christ Church as Director of Physical Education in 1988. Following appointments as Staff Professional Development Officer, Head of Romsey House and Director of Planning and Co-curricular, Roger was appointed as Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal in 2003.

Mark Morrissy

Director of Planning and Co-curricular

Mark is responsible for the cultural, physical, and social welfare of the senior boys. Responsibilities include the School’s varied co-curricular activities, Service Learning, Year 10 Venture and exchange programs. He joined Christ Church in 1990 as a Biological Science teacher and was appointed as the inaugural Head of Moyes House in 1993. Mark was appointed to his current position as the Director of Planning and Co-curricular in 2003. He is the PSSA Delegate for the school and chaired that committee in 2009. Mark is also a former student of the School.

Mahendra Vaswani

Director of Studies

Mahendra joined Christ Church in 2018 and is responsible for the Senior School curriculum, timetabling, staffing, assessment and reporting, scholarships, academic prizes and awards. Mahendra has nearly two decades of teaching experience including roles at Trinity College and fourteen years at Hale School, where he was Director of Teaching and Learning and Head of Mathematics. He was a WACE marker for Specialist Mathematics between 2013 to 2017, and a member of the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) selection committee.

Richard Wright

Head of LW Parry Preparatory School

Richard is responsible for leading the Prep School in curriculum and pastoral areas. Richard has a passion for boys’ education and he derives much enjoyment from his vocation due to the incredible opportunity he feels he has to make a difference in the lives of his students and staff. Previously Head of Primary at John Wollaston Anglican Community School (2006-08), Richard has also worked as the Deputy Head of the Junior School at PLC (2005).

Murray Robertson

Director of Staffing and Strategic Projects

Murray is responsible for supporting the Principal in establishing and facilitating our strategic intent and working closely with all staff in the area of appraisal and professional development. He acknowledges the level of professionalism and commitment brought by the staff to their roles and sees a challenge in offering staff useful professional development whilst supporting teachers as they strive to offer the boys the best possible learning experience. Murray was previously involved with the Prep School for 13 years (eight as Deputy Head).

Joanne Wheeler

Director of Communication and Engagement

Joanne is responsible for the marketing of Christ Church and the development of the School community. She oversees admissions, alumni, marketing and public relations, publications, parent support group liaison and the archives areas of the School. Joanne has more than fifteen years experience in corporate communication, including executive roles in the finance, construction and insurance sectors.

Geoffrey Alagoda

Director of Information, Communication and Technology

Geoff is responsible for the planning and administration of Information Communication and Technology Services within the School. His goal is to ensure staff and students have every opportunity to excel in their chosen field by providing for their technological needs.

John Price

Director of Finance

John is responsible for the business affairs of the School which includes all financial matters, the development and maintenance of all School buildings, grounds and equipment along with managing major and minor building and works projects. John also acts as Secretary to the School Council and its sub-committees. John is also the President of the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA WA).

Carolyn Turner

Director of Philanthropy

Carolyn’s role encompasses giving and all other forms of Philanthropy at Christ Church. This includes developing a broad vision for fundraising and growing the community of stakeholders who give of their time, advocacy and funds to the school. She enjoyed a 14 year career at Qantas where, as a Mandarin speaker, she established its Shanghai operations. In returning to WA she worked in the not-for-profit sector in the areas of advocacy and marketing for Margaret River Wine and a Commissioner of the Conservation Commission of WA. Most recently she was General Manager of the Leukemia Foundation in WA.

Father Frank Sheehan

School Chaplain

Father Frank Sheehan, came to the School after experiencing parish life and theological education. For 30 years Frank was a broadcaster with the ABC’s radio national, a regular interviewer with Perth’s Writers Festival and also worked with ABC television. Father Frank is currently responsible for Religious Education in the Senior School and works closely with our Environment and Community students and local aged care providers to make a difference in the lives of the elderly.Father Frank is also the Director of the Centre for Ethics, established more than 20 years ago the Centre has been engaged in a conversation with the world beyond the School.