The Learning Environment

All of our learning environments, whether they be indoor or outdoor, are designed and utilised in a way that promotes each boy’s learning, interactions, and sense of agency.

Our intentional use of the Swan River engages boys’ natural curiosity and wonder for the natural world. This is balanced with a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing indoor environment that invites and encourages hands-on learning, collaboration, investigation, exploration and discovery.

The indoor learning spaces have:

  • temperature controlled rooms for learning
  • lighting designed to maximise learning
  • advanced fresh air circulation for improved focus and attention
  • large learning areas of up to 100m2.

Access to nature’s playground

At Christ Church Grammar School we are fortunate to have access to the Swan River which is a key component of our early childhood programs.

Access to nature provides an unpredictable, ever-changing environment that builds boys who are positive risk-takers, self-aware, self-confident and resilient, all skills required for future academic success. Nature-based learning is beneficial to a child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development.