Fees Schedule and Policy

View our current Fees Schedule and Policy for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, which should be read in its entirety.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee is payable when submitting a formal application. The application fee is $200 for Australian citizens and temporary or permanent Australian residents. The application fee for a full fee paying overseas student (FFPOS) is $300.

Enrolment fee

A non-refundable and non-tax-deductible enrolment fee is payable to Christ Church Grammar School Foundation Inc. on formal acceptance of an offer. Payment of the fee confirms a boy’s place for the year offered. The fee is equivalent to one term’s tuition fees in the Senior School and is discounted 10% for the sons of Life Members of the Old Boys’ Association. This significant contribution supports the work of the School Foundation with funds being directed to the School’s ongoing capital development as well as to ensuring the financial security of Christ Church.

What your fees cover

The fees at Christ Church are inclusive and comprehensive. The tuition fee covers all fees associated with the academic, co‐curricular and pastoral programs. It also includes textbooks and course materials; software and the provision of the latest ICT equipment; study skills support; camps and excursions; and school publications. The inclusive tuition fee also covers family access to the School’s gymnasium, swimming pool and library. If boarding at the School, the boarding fee includes accommodation, all meals, recreation programs, supervision 24/7, on-site nursing care, internet access, daily cleaning and weekly off-site laundry services.

In addition to this, the School provides a comprehensive accident insurance package for its students. The benefits payable under the policy have been designed to protect families from a catastrophic situation and assist them to cope with the inevitable financial impact should a boy be seriously injured. Christ Church Grammar School students are covered world-wide, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. View more information here.

Terms and conditions of enrolment

Deferral Policy

If an offer is accepted and the family then defer their son’s entry, this is to be treated as a new application.

The date of deferral, will be the new date of the application.

If a place is offered in a subsequent year group, a deferral fee will be required to confirm the place.

The deferral fee is the difference between the original enrolment fee and the enrolment fee at the time a new offer is made.

Careful consideration should be given to the preferred entry point.

An enrolment can easily be moved forward subject to availability, however if a family wish to defer the entry point, the date the School is notified about a deferral will also be the new application date.

Re-enrolment Policy

If a boy is withdrawn from the School for a period of time but the family wish to return in the future the withdrawal process must be followed and a re-enrolment fee will be required.

The re-enrolment of the boy will be subject to availability and a fee equivalent to 50% of the enrolment fee prior to the year of return is required by 30 June the year before the boy is due to commence.

Maintaining a position in the Year group

Should a family request that during an absence a position in the School is held for their son, there is to be no interruption to the current payment of full tuition fees.

Kindergarten to Pre-Primary

If a boy currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Christ Church will not be continuing his Christ Church journey in to Pre-Primary, a notice to withdraw must be provided to the Admissions Registrar in writing by 30 June of the Kindergarten year.

Notice of withdrawal

Notification of withdrawal of a day student from the School must be received in writing by the Principal or Admissions Registrar, at least one complete term in advance. In lieu of adequate notice, one term’s tuition fees will be charged.

Notification of withdrawal of a boarding student from the School must be received in writing by the Principal or Admissions Registrar at least one semester (two complete terms) in advance. In lieu of adequate notice, one term’s tuition and one term’s boarding fees will be charged.

Notification of change from boarding student to day student must be received in writing by the Principal or Admissions Registrar at least one semester (two complete terms) in advance. In lieu of adequate notice, one term’s boarding fees will be charged.

Please note, email correspondence is acceptable to the School. Parents are also required to complete an online Withdrawal from Enrolment form, which is available through the Admissions Office. Should there be shared parental responsibility for a student, both parent signatures are required.

Special conditions apply for full fee paying overseas students (FFPOS) in accordance with the Education Services of Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

Notice of arrangements – for boys leaving secondary schooling for apprenticeships or TAFE (Years 11 and 12 boys only).

Government financial assistance schemes

View information regarding government financial assistance schemes here.