Government financial assistance schemes

Secondary Assistance Scheme

The state government provides financial help to families with students enrolled in the Senior School through the Secondary Assistance Scheme. The scheme is administered by the Education Department and is available to parents who hold eligible concession cards.  It comprises an education program allowance, which is paid to the School and a clothing allowance that can be paid to the School or the parent. Applications must be submitted to the Education Department in first term of each year that the parents are eligible. Application forms are available from the School by contacting the Director of Finance’s Executive Assistant on 9442 1506 or can be downloaded here. Please note: parents/guardians of students in receipt of ABSTUDY through Centrelink are only eligible for the ABSTUDY supplement allowance.

Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme (AIC)

The Australian Government provides assistance in the form of boarding allowances to the parents of children who, because of the geographic isolation of their homes, do not have reasonable access to a government school offering a course in the appropriate year of primary or secondary schooling. For advice on how to apply visit this link.

In addition, the State Government may make a grant to each boy who satisfies the conditions of the Australian Government allowance. The grant is payable in Term 4. Further information is available from Centrelink via this link or phone 13 23 18.

Travel allowance

Four return journeys home are provided each year to boarders whose parents live in certain remote and regional areas of Western Australia.

To register your son for the Western Australian Student Travel Subsidies scheme, please complete and submit the Student Registration Form (ODT55) along with the Application for Refund – Travel Vouchers (ODT56) as per instructions provided.

Visit for more information.