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Christ Church Grammar School 2021 ATAR Results & Award Winners

Christ Church Grammar School students have once again featured prominently amongst the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) award winners in 2021.

Five Christ Church students achieved a General Exhibition, awarded to the top 50 students with the highest WACE award scores. These students are: Harry Davison-Petch, Nicholas Tan, Max Brampton, Lucas Hogan and Luke Colgan.

Christ Church also achieved four Subject Exhibitions, awarded to the student obtaining the highest examination mark in an ATAR course:

  • Ancient History – Nicholas Tan
  • English – Ed Stoddart
  • Modern History – Ed Stoddart
  • Philosophy and Ethics – Ed Stoddart

Christ Church students achieved 11 Certificates of Excellence, awarded to students in the top 0.5% of candidates in each ATAR examination.

  • Ancient History: Jack MacKinnon and Nicholas Tan
  • Chemistry: Joshua Chen (Year 11) and Harry Davison-Petch
  • Economics: Luke Colgan
  • English: Ed Stoddart
  • Literature: Nicholas Tan
  • Modern History: Max Brampton and Ed Stoddart
  • Philosophy and Ethics: Ed Stoddart
  • Physical Education Studies: Luke McManus

In addition:

  • 38 Christ Church students have each been awarded a Certificate of Distinction
  • 41 Christ Church students have each been awarded a Certificate of Merit.
Certificates of Distinction

Rohan Auret
Sebastian Basson
Max Brampton
Leo Brown
Noah Brown
Isaac Ching
Henry Davis
Harry Davison-Petch
Andrew Edis
Tom Fox
Max Godfrey
Rudy Greville
Campbell Hart
Rafe Haselhurst
Tom Heyning
Lucas Hogan
Joel Hurworth
Jack MacKinnon
Kai Marns-Morris
Not for publication
James Marshall
Oliver Mitteregger
Manus O’Leary
Emil Ong Ee Zy
Callum Parramore
Oliver Powell
Will Ranger
Mark Renner
Matthew Robinson
Lachlan Robson
Charlie Rodwell
Michael Russ
Ed Stoddart
Nicholas Tan
Brady Vidler
Christian Wong
Daniel Zhou
Andy Zhuang

Certificates of Merit

Sol Adler
Paul Boyatzis
Toby Cann
Declan Carroll
Ryan Choi
Luke Colgan
Ripley Cooper
Oliver Crooke
Isaac Davies
Joshua Foster
Diyoan Gajanayake
Hugo Gibbs
Asher Horgan
Devmith Jayatilake
Nicholas Johns
Wenhan Li
James Low
Oliver Magraith
Luke McManus
Andrew Metcalf
Oliver Moran
Fletcher Netherway
Joel Newton
Harrison Nguyen
Nicholas Bennett
Ben Nowrojee
Samuel O’Brien
Ben Remke
Parker Robinson
James Russ
Tam Seton-Browne
Kristian Sherrard
Madhava Soma
Cheslyn Sproat
Tom Su
Barney Treleaven
Bill Warner
Robert Weston
Cooper Whiting
Lachlan Wood
Kai Wylie


We commend all students for completing their Year 12 studies in 2021 at Christ Church Grammar School. In particular, we congratulate all award recipients listed here.

ATAR Result Media Release – 19 December 2021

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