Latest news – ATAR results

Dear members of the Christ Church community

The results for our Year 12 students have been released and our initial analysis has been completed. Once again it has been an outstanding outcome for the boys and Christ Church collectively, with these fantastic results a culmination of the efforts of our hard-working students, extraordinary teachers, and supportive parents and significant family members.

The top ATAR was 99.95 – congratulations to Keaton Wright.

The School is incredibly proud of its students’ performance, and once again we witness the overall success of our students with a median of 92.45. Christ Church is an academically inclusive school – and it is the value we place on diversity and our open acceptance of boys of all abilities that truly enriches the lives of all our students. This significant achievement for the entire cohort of 2017 is the result of a lot of hard work by the teachers, and strong relationships between students and staff.

In 2017, Christ Church Grammar School had 165 students who achieved an ATAR and 22 who followed a General Pathway. An additional four students successfully completed their Year 12 education in the Peter Moyes Centre.

  • 17 students (10% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR greater than or equal to 99
  • 28 students (17% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR greater than or equal to 98
  • 61 students (37% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR greater than or equal to 95
  • 97 students (59% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR greater than or equal to 90
  • Average ATAR for the year group: 88.36
  • Median ATAR for the year group: 92 (State Median 81.40)
  • 131 students (79% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR that would give them entry to UWA (greater than or equal to 80).

Six Christ Church students have achieved a General Exhibition, awarded to the top 50 students with the highest WACE award scores based on the average of five equated examination scores in ATAR courses with at least two from each of the Humanities/Social Sciences list and the Mathematics/Science list. These students are: Liam Tien (11), Jesse Zhou (14), Keaton Wright (21), Thomas Williams (31), Gary Song (36) and Daniel Robbins (49).

Christ Church also achieved a Subject Exhibition, awarded to the top student obtaining the highest examination mark in an ATAR course. Thomas Williams has been awarded the Subject Exhibition in Mathematics Applications.

Subject Certificates of Excellence are awarded to students in the top 0.5% of candidates based on the examination mark. The following list identifies the 21 Subject Certificates of Excellence achieved by Christ Church students:

Chemistry: Keaton Wright

Economics: Daniel Robbins, Liam Tien

English: Julian Tonkin

Mathematics Applications: Aidin Fazely, Matthew Jongenelis, Cain Leaman, Pearson Lindsay,

Jaxon Passaris, Thomas Williams, Mark Witcombe

Mathematics Methods: Liam Tien

Modern History: Harry Vijayasekaran

Philosophy & Ethics: Jesse Zhou

Physical Education Studies: Jacob Dorsett-Sawyer, Oliver Henderson

Physics: Vincent Goodwin, Alexander Lindsay, Keaton Wright, Jesse Zhou

Politics & Law: Edward Galluccio

In addition, 42 Christ Church students have each been awarded a Certificate of Distinction, and 38 Christ Church students have each been awarded a Certificate of Merit. These awards recognise excellence in achievement across 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units.

Congratulations to all our award winners who have worked hard with support from their teachers, parents and family members. Christ Church Grammar School is very proud of these students’ efforts.

List of Certificates of Distinction and Certificates of Merit.

Certificates of Distinction Certificates of Merit
Sonal Abeysuriya Christopher Adams
James Basell Brandon Baker
Timothy Chapman William Bartley
Arnold Chen Thomas Bartley
Timothy Claxton James Chapman
Joshua Collier Colin Chen
Harish Dhakshinamoorthy Kaizhen Chan
Jacob Dorsett-Sawyer Bryan Chong
Alexander Frost Jordan Dossan
Lumina Gajanayake Cameron Duffy
Narendra Gammanpila Edward Galluccio
Vincent Goodwin (Not for publication)
Duncan Grainger Oliver Hughes
Christian Harding Matthew Jongenelis
Oliver Henderson Maneesh Kelly
Zachary Hevron Adam Khong
Matt Hudson Kacey Kirton
Donovan Jolly Andrew Lawrance
Chen Xin Kao James Lloyd
Emanuel Karageorge Aaron Love
Joseph Kuek Riley Magraith
Alexander Lindsay Macalistair Maslen
Pearson Lindsay Shane Mogan
Jia Loh Jonathan Nagappa
Thomas Maouris Charlie Offer
Timothy O’Brien Michael Paganin
Daniel O’Leary Jaxon Passaris
Christopher Pine Isiah Quintana
Gilbert Porter William Steinepreis
Daniel Robbins Robert ’t Hart
Geoff Sang Julian Tonkin
Alexander Shearer James Tonnison
Jiachen Si Clarence Wang
Thomas Sisson Luke Wheatland
Gary Song Mark Witicombe
Nicholas Thompson John Wu
Liam Tien Mitchell Yeo
Vinh Tran Ryan Zare
Harry Vijayasekaran
Thomas Williams
Keaton Wright
Jesse Zhou