Exceptionally gifted students (top 1%) follow a personalised learning plan

We recognise that some students possess exceptional gifts or talents in one or more domains and may need a personalised learning pathway. This pathway may involve individual case-management and one or several of the following provisions.

Students may be either partially accelerated in a single subject or by 1 or more year levels.  Partial acceleration may take place through cluster groupings in a classroom or by students accessing a higher year level for a particular subject. Year level acceleration may range from one year (e.g. from Year 3 into Year 4) to a more radical acceleration of more than one year. In some instances, this may involve early entrance into the school at a chronological age below the officially approved age.

Students may be assigned a mentor with shared interests or expertise, able to inspire and motivate them. The mentor may be a staff member within the School or someone external to the School with the requisite skills and experience.

Individual ‘passion’ projects
Students are given the opportunity to pursue individual or group projects in an area that they are passionate about and provided with the necessary support. In the Preparatory School, these ‘passion’ projects may take place as a form of extension within a particular subject area, whereas in the Senior School, they form part of the co-curricular Enigma program.

University-level courses
Students in Years 9-11 have the option of completing a first-year university level course in Computer Programming from the University of New South Wales.

Personalised program in Years 11 and 12
Students with exceptional results in Year 10 and a proven interest in studying a breadth of subjects, may select more than 6 ATAR subjects in Years 11 and 12. For example, a student may elect to study Year 12 Computer Science or Music in Year 11, and then select an additional Year 12 course to study the following year, finishing with 7 Year 12 ATAR courses.

Testimonials from our Academic Extension students