Friends of the Walters Residential Community

The Friends of the Walters Residential Community is a support group that meets several times a year to explore ways in which parents can assist our boarders.

Parents of current boarders, along with their guardians and hosts, are invited to attend these meetings throughout the year. On the Sunday before school commences, there is an informal evening social gathering, where parents and guardians are welcome to attend at Walters House. Details are forwarded to parents and guardians a week before the event.

The Director of Boarding and the Principal attend the meetings and the Health Centre Manager, Catering Manager and Recreation Officer attend at various times of the year. Topics typically set for discussion include the Health Centre, food and catering, presenters and donations and other needs that can be considered for the Residential Community.

Boarding parents, hosts and guardians are encouraged to attend meetings throughout the year.

If you would like more information about the Friends of the Walters Residential Community, please contact the Director of Boarding, Todd Harnwell at