Square of Care

Boarding at Christ Church

Boarders thrive in a network of care known as the Square of Care. In the day school, a boy’s Head of House and Tutor monitor his academic and co-curricular progress while his Housemother and Year Group Co-ordinator are responsible for supporting and caring for him while he is in the boarding house. The Year Group Co-ordinators and Director of Boarding support each boy in every facet of his boarding and educational experience with a major part of their role being to liaise closely with parents and key members of teaching staff to ensure awareness of each boy’s progress both in the boarding house and at school. Participation in outside clubs is also strongly encouraged as it facilitates friendship building from within and beyond the School and greatly assists in a boy’s development of skills in the chosen activity. The Year Group Co-ordinators are key in encouraging and organising this important element of a boarder’s life.

View our Boarding Handbook for details on staffing and schedules.  

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