Christ Church recognises the importance of learning a second language in today’s global society and offers a range for students to choose from.

The Senior School offers three languages – Chinese (Mandarin), French and Japanese – from Years 7 to 12. Boys choose a language in Year 7 and study that same language for a minimum of two years, although it is recommended they continue their studies into Year 12. Some universities, including the University of Western Australia, offer a bonus to students learning a second language.


Years 7 and 8
The two-year course covers the four strands of language learning – reading, writing, speaking and listening. At this stage of second language acquisition, it is important for boys to understand the peculiarities of studying a new language. It can be compared to learning a new instrument or a new sport – it takes regular practice! We ask that our students regularly do some activity in their chosen language for a minimum of 15 minutes most days, even if no specific homework is set. This can include:

  • Completing homework activities
  • Internet games or sites given by the teacher
  • Learning and spelling new words (it is assumed that all students do this on a continual basis)
  • Reading material from books supplied

Years 9 to 12
Having followed the advice given during earlier years, boys in their language classes are in a strong position to continue and move forward confidently to tackle middle and upper school languages courses to WACE level. Students are expected to undertake a language activity for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes per evening even if no homework is set. This can include:

  • CDs
  • Friends
  • Internet
  • Language Assistants
  • Reader
  • Vocabulary

Tours and exchanges

Christ Church is very active in the area of language tours and exchanges as we view them as being highly beneficial to students. We offer them in all our languages.

Student Exchange Links

Gap Year opportunities also exist for GAP year students to work as language assistants in France and Japan.