Phases of learning

Our boys journey through Christ Church’s Phases of Learning, designed to motivate them to discover and realise the best in themselves and others.

The phases are the core framework of each age and stage, and the educational approach that develops from childhood through to graduation.

Play with Purpose – Pre-Primary to Year 2

His wonder of the world

Engaging boys’ innate curiosity and imaginative nature, making learning exciting and fun.

Fun with Fundamentals – Years 3 and 4

Building his love of learning

Creating the foundation that is core to future success and a life-long love of learning.

Enquiry with Initiative – Years 5 and 6

Knowing himself

Enabling the unique character of the child to become more clearly understood by the boy and those who teach him, to become excited by all things and to come to know himself as he explores the world.

Breadth and Depth – Years 7 and 8

Exploring his abilities

Boys are challenged to extend themselves in the transition to Senior School both in and out of the classroom, expanding their view of subject disciplines, themselves and the world.

Choice and Challenge – Years 9 and 10

Choosing his path in life

Greater choice for boys over a range of academic and co-curricular subjects to explore their individual skills and talents, the first step in discovering the men they will become and shaping their future dreams.

Excellence and Expertise – Years 11 and 12

Mastering skills for his future

As young men, students take full responsibility for their learning with a focus on six subject areas in which to develop excellence and expertise. They embark on the challenge of mastering their chosen pursuits.