An extensive range of co-curricular activities are available to your son to further his interests and abilities beyond the classroom.

Programs and after-school activities, which can change from term to term, focus on stimulating young minds, developing problem-solving skills and fostering enterprise.

Art Club (Years 3 to 6)

Art Club is designed to develop the boys’ skills, build confidence and to encourage students to work both independently and collaboratively. Boys use a variety of materials to explore different techniques and processes. Boys with an interest in visual arts and hands-on learning are encouraged to join.

Balsa Wood Boys (Years 2 to 6)

The boys will have fun using their imaginations to create brilliant objects out of balsa wood. Their first project will involve making a plane by following instructions and then painting it. Their second project will involve designing, creating and appraising a free choice item.

Book Club (Years 4 to 6)

Book Club includes a variety of activities to do with books such as a trip to the local bookshop to choose books for the library, attending the All Saints’ Literature Festival to meet authors and illustrators, literary lunches, quizzes, reading at the river and other more. We also take part in the Readers’ Cup Competition, which is held during Book Week in Term 3, competing against other Perth schools. Book Club is offered all year, however, boys still need to register each term.

Chess Club (Years 4 to 6)

Boys enjoy playing games of chess while having the opportunity to learn and practice new moves and tactics. The club also takes part in intra and inter-school competitions.

Chinese Board Games Club (Years 4 to 6)

Like chess, Chinese board games are extremely helpful with brain development, especially when played from an early age. Board games have been an integral part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. For example, Go is believed to have been used to train generals in the battlefield. Students will explore a variety of popular games including Gomoko (a simplified version of Go), Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers and Tangrams, with a focus on interesting historical events associated with each game. Competitions will be held during the last two weeks of term with the winner awarded a certificate and a prize of cultural significance.

Fun with Stories (Years 1 and 2)

In this club, boys explore some popular authors and books for young children. Boys will be encouraged to share their own favourite books from home. We will then undertake activities based around these stories. These activities may include art, drama, cooking and visiting the library.  Beginners and reluctant readers are encouraged to apply.

MasterChef (Years 2 to 4)

MasterChef is a term-long program where boys develop basic cooking skills, including safety and hygiene, and an understanding of a healthy and balanced diet. Students prepare both sweet and savoury dishes, which are easy for them to recreate at home with their families. Participants also learn co-operative learning skills and how to work as a group to prepare, share and enjoy the end product with their peers. A MasterChef cookbook, which participants work on at each session will be brought home at the end of the term containing the weekly recipes.

Radical Readers (Year 4)

Radical Readers is a group that supports boys developing their reading skills, through appropriate and engaging texts. The purpose is to allow the boys to have success and engender a love of reading. Activities may include Readers’ Theatre, reading games, and art and craft activities. This club is by invitation only.

Spectacular Science (Years 1 to 3)

In this science and technology program the boys will have opportunities to learn, build, design and create using a variety of materials and equipment. They will discover the secrets of science that will challenge and entertain. There will be opportunities to design, build and share constructions. This program is hands on and designed to foster creativity and collaborative learning in a relaxed environment.

Sport Club (Years 3 and 4)

This club provides the opportunity for boys to hone their skills in a variety of summer sports. It is suitable for both the seasoned professional wanting extra practice as well as beginners wanting to give the sports a try for the first time. The sports covered during Term 1 are cricket, tee-ball, basketball, tennis, hockey, ultimate frisbee and league tag.

Squad Swimming (Years 4 to 6)

The squad program provides a training environment for boys who are swimmers. While the program is built around encouraging boys to further develop their skill through improving their fitness and strength, we always maintain a high level of continuous stroke correction and development throughout all levels of the squad. Boys wishing to join the program should be at squad level ability.

Storytelling (Pre-Primary and Year 1)

This activity gives boys an opportunity to explore the world of storytelling through telling, acting, puppetry and reading from a broad range of literature including folktales, fairytales, old and new stories.

Typing Club (Years 3 to 6)

This club caters to boys who want to continue or begin to develop their touch-typing skills.  Priority will be given to students with documented handwriting difficulties.

Young Fitness (Year 2)

Young Fitness runs each term and focuses on developing new ball skills and fitness in a fun way.