The Preparatory School offers a comprehensive Chinese (Mandarin) language program for all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. All boys have two lessons a fortnight.

This program, formulated from the Australian National Curriculum, and has three broad aims:

  • to make sure boys can communicate in Mandarin effectively at their level;
  • to promote intercultural understandings by developing the capacity to negotiate meanings across Chinese and their first language as well as across Australian and Chinese cultures;
  • to develop their awareness and understanding of how their first language and the Chinese language work, depending on their age.

The program aims to create a hands on, fun and positive learning experience for all boys. It follows a student centered, inquiry-based teaching and learning approach. Students actively construct their knowledge, understandings and skills through social interaction, making connections with texts, contexts and the world around them, self reflection of their own learning process and connections of language and culture and raising responsibilities throughout their study of Mandarin.