Preparatory School Library

The Library program aims to make literature and information, in digital and hard copy formats, accessible to every boy, and to motivate him to read for leisure. It also teaches boys how to use information effectively for a variety of purposes, which are linked to the classroom program across a wide range of learning areas.

From Pre-Primary through to Year 6, lessons include one book change with a literature component per week and for Years 4 to 6, one inquiry lesson per fortnight, involving the research process.

Resources available to boys from the Preparatory School Library include books, magazines, DVDs, videos, stories on CD and stories on cassette. Boys are encouraged to borrow as often as they like and to make the most of the resources available.

In Years 4 to 6, there is an opportunity for boys to be part of the Book Club, which meets during lunchtimes, while Years 5 and 6 Library Monitors are boys who volunteer to help in various ways in the library one lunchtime per week.

The Preparatory School Library also welcomes parent volunteers, known as FOLA (Friends of the Library and Archives), who assist with covering and shelving resources at different times during the year.