The Arts

We value the importance of the Arts learning areas in the intellectual and emotional development of our boys.


An introduction to visual arts in the early years supports learning across the curriculum. Our Art programs identify ways in which your son can develop his ability to respond to and understand the world, to think, to feel, to shape and communicate ideas. The classroom program includes three Art lessons for Years 1 to 6, and two for Pre-Primary, per fortnight.

Visual art involvement extends beyond scheduled lesson time, in the form of workshops, visits to galleries, collaborative projects with the Senior School, the Week of the Arts, annual student exhibitions and a comprehensive artist-in-residence program.


Boys’ education in music begins in the Preparatory School where they experience music through listening, singing, moving, playing, improvising, composing, interpreting, arranging and using new technologies. Through theory knowledge and creative projects they learn to evaluate music and are expected to reflect, in their own work, their exposure to music from various cultures and historical periods. Preparatory music classes consist of a wide range of activities – singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, descant recorder, creative projects, music technology activities and theory knowledge – all designed to prepare boys for participation in the co-curricular music program and continuing music education in the Senior School. Instrumental lessons are also available in the Music Department.

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