Phases of learning

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 – Play with Purpose

His wonder of the world

Engaging your son’s innate curiosity and imaginative nature, making learning exciting and fun.

In this phase, we work towards creating a strong foundation from which to build each boy’s education. Explicit teaching instruction is reinforced through play-based activities, developing academic and social-emotional skills in a fun, engaging and relevant environment.

Years 3 to 4 – Fun with Fundamentals

Building his love of learning

Creating the foundation that is core to your son’s future success and a life-long love of learning.

In this phase, we focus on adding to the foundation created in the early years. The boys are engaged in fun and interesting activities, designed to help them thrive in literacy and numeracy.

Years 5 to 6 – Inquiry with Initiative

Knowing himself

Enabling the unique character of your son to become more clearly understood by himself and those who teach him. Encouraging him to become excited by all things as he explores the world.

In this phase, the boys further develop their own initiative and leadership skills. Through programs such as Outdoor Education at Kooringal, the Year 5 Black Swan State Theatre experience, the Year 6 Sailing experience and the Year 6 Canberra Tour, boys are able to discover their individuality and become more independent.