Supporting local charities

Used spectacles and sunglasses

The Uniform Shop is proud to support the charity Global Hand through the re-distribution of used spectacles and sunglasses donated by generous Christ Church families, which later get recycled and re-purposed for people in need. If you would like to donate any used spectacles or sunglasses, please visit the Uniform Shop during standard trading hours.

Used uniforms

In collaboration with Methodist Ladies’ College, the Uniform Shop is also pleased to support PEK International in its mission to assist disabled children in Kenya. From its base in Perth, PEK sends a shipping container of wheelchairs to Kenya every few months and fills any extra space with other donated items, including school uniforms, bags and shoes. PEK partners with Kenyan charity Teule Kenya who operate many schools and orphanages throughout Kenya, to help distribute the donated items. If you would like to donate any used uniforms, please visit the Uniform Shop during standard trading hours.