Published on: 20 February 2020

Experience proved to be a key ingredient last weekend as Christ Church old boys took on our Firsts Water Polo side in a friendly match at the School’s Aquatic Precinct.

While the old boys were triumphant with a win, what was a clear winner on the day was the sustained aquatic connections between our current students and old boys.

The winning side was represented by old boys including Toby White (’19), Hamish White (’19), Chris Reynolds (’10), Tom Jasper (’99), David Cullingford (’08), Mitchell Barns (’08), Daniel Cullingford (’10), Tom Ball (’19), Lachie Emanuel (’19), Richard Paganin (’19), Aron Kovacs (’19), Jo Bonadeo (’19), Alex Brogan (’14), Mitch Yeo (’17), Mike Paganin (’17), Harry Konowalous (’16), John Hedges (’16), Harry Cranswick (’18) and Olympic champion, George Ford (’10).

“It was the spirit of the game that made for a great event,” commented Alumni Co-ordinator, Mrs Deborah Hill.

“The Water Polo community is close and Christ Church students often compete as old boys in club competitions after leaving school.”

“As such, our old boys share a great deal of game experience with current students and serve to inspire future generations.”

“It’s a wonderful exchange as the students are challenged by the standard set by old boys and enjoy learning in a supportive environment.”